Saturday, July 16, 2005

About this Blog

I realize since I sent the mass e-mail's out that people are actually looking at this website. So I decided to update it a little in an effort to not disappoint. I know people are wondering about the phrase "Waching Gravity" so I am writing with an explanation. I suppose that the phrase "sounds" deep and meaningful but it's not!

Simple story, my junior year some guys were being loud in our hall at around 2 AM. My roomate, Dan, asked me, "What are they doing out there?" I responded, "Being obnoxious, throwing stuff, and watching gravity." I was rather pleased with that description of intoxicated college hooligans so it has now morphed in the name of this blog. I figured it is at least original.

If anything waching gravity could simply mean "watching life" or "observing." That is what this little spot of land on the internet is, just a plot to write about my life. For someone who is not good at keeping in touch I think this will be a good way for me to keep connected to my friends and family. Thanks for reading!