Friday, January 27, 2006

Just a little tired..

I woke up this morning pretty exhausted. I haven't had much time to catch up since I returned on Monday. After two days of working I had to go to an all day training session yesterday. I was out late visiting friends and making new ones on Wednesday and last night. It's good to spend time with people but I realized that this is my first day back in Edinburgh for about 2.5 weeks. I'm going to try to take today easy but I have a lot of things to catch up on. Shopping, mail, random errands, updating a bus pass, printing photos, buying a gift....

Tonight we are having "poker night" at our flat, which of course isn't for real money, so it's a Christian version of poker night. :)

I was suppose to work on Saturday but Danny and some of my co-workers want to take me out to see a play during the afternoon. Some of my co-workers are going to be gone next weekend so I'll celebrate my birthday tomorrow with them. It will nice early b-day gift and the play is suppose to be incredible. It's actually a stage production of Trainspotting, which is a Scottish film with Euan McGregor. I watched the film with Danny yesterday after our training and the whole movie takes place in Edinburgh.

Sunday I'm helping lead worship again so I could use prayer for that. My visit to Trowbridge, again, was incredible. The Steelers also won which was awesome! It seems that I picked the wrong year to leave the country, maybe the Pirates will win the World Series by the time I come back :)

Speaking of coming back....I bet you are wondering (maybe your not) what I will do when I return. Well I am looking at Seminary and three Seminaries have caught my attention. Right now I am in the process of filling out application for Northern, Denver, and Asbury. The problem is it is such a pain to do these applications overseas. It means a lot of mailing and although I can do them online and save the applications, only a bit gets done at a time. I just need to set out a day and hammer them away.

Take care, enjoy the weekend and the rest of January!

Saturday, January 21, 2006


It has been a long time since I updated last. Actually it has only been about 1.5 weeks but so much has happened! Wow I don't know where to begin. How about this...I'm sitting in the living room of people who were complete strangers until two days ago. Right now I am watching the San Antonio Spurs beat the Miami Heat while typing on a laptop via a wireless connection! Yeah, I feel like I am at home. Not to mention I am eating some awesome turkey soup and have a room upstairs with a huge bed and all of this is available to me at the cost of....0!

Let me backtrack a little bit here. Last week after my night shift I went up to Stirling Scotland. When you here Stirling think of William Wallace, Braveheart, yada yada. One of the volunteers is placed there and his host family completely welcomed me into their home. They gave me my own room, pizza, tuna pasta, drove me to the train station, pretty much put their complete home at my disposal! They have two little children and I enjoyed the time we spent together, we were able to stay up late into the night twice talking about everything from Christianity to music and Mighty Python!

When I came back to Edinburgh I worked over the weekend after seeing the Wallace Monument and the Stirling Castle. On Monday I jumped on a train with Nick to go to the Time For God conference in London. The theme was "New Begginings" and we explored the theme via the grueling task of watching movies! We would watch a film and then discuss the themes and how it relates to our expriences. It was great to get together with the other volunteers and we were given a lot of free time to talk, play games, and wander the city.

Now you might wonder where am i? Well the family I stayed with in Stirling has family in Wiltshire England, which is where I am. Since I was down in England for the conference I wanted to use the location to my advantage. The family from Stirling called their family here in Wiltshire and asked if I could stay with them. They didn't hesitate! So after the confernece I jumped a train over here and they too picked me up from the train station.

And man do I feel spoiled. Wiltshire is home to two important landmarks, Bath, and Stonehenge. So after picking me up on Thursday they brought me to their home, their kids have since moved out, so they have a lot of space. On Thur she cooked me a traditional English meal and then we went out to a community play. Yesterday I took a bus to Stonehenge and of course they wouldn't let me leave without a packed lunch. When I came back in the evening I went out with Mr. (I should leave some anonymity) for curry night with the guys from the church. I had my first curry experience and the six of us enjoyed enough food for twelve and talked late into the night at the restauraunt.

Today I went to Bath and I just got back a couple hours ago. They had a birthday party to go to so they gave me a key and left the house at my disposal! Wow, I am so blessed. They have opened their house to a complete stranger and before they left they told me to make the homhe my own. She has been trying to do my laundry and won't let me go a minute without food or warm tea!

Oh yeah, it gets better! Not only do I have the luxury of internet and television (this is television on steroids, american channels!) but tommorow they want to drive me around some more of Wiltshire and show me some more sights. Now I already convicned them to let me make them breakfast, which will be pancakes and french toast, but in the evening we have churcfh at 4 pm. Then after church is the church potluck!

The only thing I was worrying about was, how am I going to watch the Steeler game on Sunday. Well, guess what? Their son who is my age and lives here in town is a big American Football fan, just like his roomate. Guess who they follow? That's right, the Steelers. And of course there are two AMericans in the congergation who are from where else? Pittsburgh! So when they heard about me being a fan they said I had "no choice" but to go to their flat and watch the game. I said, "but...but..well... if I have to." Ha ha. Wow, sometimes you just know God is watching over you.

By the way Stonehenge is awesome!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Weird Week

So I had three days off from work and now I have another 3 days off. If I would of known about this I would have planned some sort of traveling. Last night I had to cover an emergency night shift and right now I'm doing quite well considering I have had 4 hours of sleep in the past 36 hours. The nice thing about covering the night shift is that my boss gave me the next couple days off on top of what I already had off.

On Monday I am going to London for a conference and still trying to see if I can find a place to visit/stay while down there. What else? On Sunday I was able to see to Steelers beat the Bungles which was a definite plus. The weekend was pretty mellow, I spent it hanging with other volunteers, watching football, and going to church. This sudden burst of free time is nice but at the same time it gets me feeling unsettled because I want to use my days off wisely.

Last night I played football before my night shift and the residents actually tied the staff. We played pretty horrible and should of won 10-3, not tied 3-3! Well I need to go get some rest and try to get my body back on a normal schedule. Until the next time, enjoy!


Saturday, January 07, 2006

So This is the New Year

Happy New Year! (I have always thought it a strange holiday where people get stressed over trying to find something important to do!) :)

This was definitely a New Year unlink any other. I along with around 20 people or so from different countries (Sweden, England, Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, The States, Ireland...) hung out together at one of the volunteer flats and then we headed down to Princes Street. There were loads of people, music, and a spectacular fireworks show that took place over the Edinburgh Castle.

Now that Hogmany has ended the city is getting back to normal, as is work. I spent my days off this past week traveling to some villages outside of edinburgh, meeting up with friends to watch football, and going out to eat to make some new friends! I have the weekend off and it actually looks to be rather mellow! A nice change in pace.

Last night we put the projector up in our flat and had about 7 friends come over so we could play FIFA 2006 on the X Box. I'm not a big video game fan but it was a good excuse for us to get together and relax.

Work has been hectic as of late. Everything from poice visits and extreme alcohol use to battling mental problems and depression. I know I am quite fortunate to be getting this experience but my hat goes off to the people who do this type of work year in and year out. It does really demand a lot of patience, love, and dedication!

Enjoy the New Year and don't make any resolutions you can't keep!


So This is the New Year