Thursday, March 23, 2006

Quick update

I realize my post are getting less frequent but I've been busy. I fly out tonight to London to meet my bro for some good ol quality time together. I can't remember what I have been up to lately but off the top of my head I know that I have played some football, starting running more as I get ready for this half-marathon, been working, and same old same old. I'll try to update again next week but Josh and I are going from London to Edinburgh to Dublin so we are going to be busy!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I'm waiting for spring

A lot has happened. I don't know how it happens, but I look at the date and realize I haven't updated this in a long time. My time in the Highlands with my flatmates was great. However, I was really battling to stay healthy and when we came back to Edinburgh it set in. That Monday I was able to catch up with normal life (not working night shift and being back home) but on Tues. and Wed. I had to leave work early to go home because I was too sick.

I took advantage of a laptop we had at our flat, and the fact that I was stuck inside, to write up a lot of scholarship applications. On Friday I played tourist guide to one of the volunteer's friend and then worked over the weekend, which wasn't too bad. Saturday was chilled but Sunday was absolutely busy as could be. Our team has been short of staff and at times I feel quite strectched. Monday was good because one of the guys on my team got promoted, so we went out after work, as is our custom, to relax and socialize.

A lot of reason to celebrate this week, two of my friends have birthdays (today and tommorrow). This afternoon we are going to the driving range and then out to a movie to celebrate. On Saturday after my morning football match we celebrate the other guy's B-Day by going to a traditional Scottish dance, where guys wear kilts and there is a band with bagpipes! Fun fun!

Of course Friday is St. Patricks day so I have to be extra vigilant at work! The guys at the House like to be clever and sneak in alcohol so I'll be on the lookout.

A week until my brother comes so I'm getting mightily excited. We are going to see London and Dublin but most importantly we get to see each other.

Other random notes, my legs really hurt. I ran about 8-9 miles yesterday and am feeling it. I had to go around town this morning to pick up some gifts and decided to use my bike, the only problem is that makes my legs hurt even more!

Oh yeah, if all goes as planned when I go to Germany to visit Dan I'm going to run in this half-marathon It will be excellent!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Ok so I'm not being too productive with all this spare time but I figured I would give you a picture of where I am typing from.

In the past 4 days I have slept 12.5 hours. I haven't been sleeping well as I adjust to this night shift pattern.

tomorrow at 2 pm, (it is 2:48 am now) I am heading up to the Highlnds with my flatmates. It is going to be lots of fun but we are also being cautious because it has been snowing a lot up north. I'm excited to finally see some munrows (mountains) and do a little bit of hiking.

unfortunately I have not accomplished all I set out on Monday. I have a lot of essays to write for different scholarships and I am no further along then I was last week at this time. It feels like I'm procrastinating on a paper, which brings me back to college (not that I ever procrastinated, just the feeling brings me back :) ) But I have deadlines and have made outlines so I am aiming to finish it within a week, which is ahead of schedule.

Probably my favorite website is In terms of music, approach to Christianity, articles, advice, (etc), it takes the cake for me. The poll they just put up on their website could be the greatest use of the Internet ever. Take a look

What Christian pop-culture icon would you rather see in a reality TV show?
Sandi Patty
The Power Team
The guy from McGee and Me

That is my childhood! I don't know what the Power Team is, but Gerbert, McGee and Me were fixtures on our television. Sandi Patty reminds me of our tape deck in one of our DustBuster vans, and Carmen, well Carmen is just too cool! Think about it, he was a Christian singer and he didn't even sing, he just talked into the microphone with music in the background! My vote is with Carmen

Here are some more photos. Two are views from my flat, the others are from Stonehenge (obviously!), the Roman Baths in Bath, and a church in Wiltshire, England.