Saturday, April 29, 2006

Good day

I have a good day planned so I'm going to tell you about it. I was able to snag a computer here at the library, early in the morning, but that makes it nice so I can try to connect with some people.

When I go back to the flat Danny and I are going over to friends house and out to a pub to watch the Chelsea v Man United football match. Then we are going back to "The Manse" (one of the volunteer flats) to play some table tennis and games. Then, this excites me more than it should, we are going to grill out. The weather is finally nice enough and I'm always in the mood for some burgers and hot dogs, (even though I don't like hot dogs and don't eat a lot of burgers I think it is just the familiarity/memories/atmosphere of grilling food) Then we are heading back to our flat where loads of people are coming over to celebrate...? Well we don't really have anything to celebrate, Danny is moving out so we were thinking about calling it a "leaving party" but he's still staying in the area. We don't need an excuse to have people over we just want to socialize, so it will be a good time!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What am I up to

I had a good work weekend. It was nice to get back working with my team but those 3 days in a row really tired me out. Yesterday I was able to relax and Danny and I both had work off so we were able to hang out. On Friday there is a Bethany talent show and we had to go out and track down some costumes. I won't tell you what it is because if I can get some pictures on Friday night it will tell the story much better!

We had house group again last night and we are still going through the book The Pilgrims Progress. It's a good book and if you really sit down to digest the metaphors then a page can take easily an hour to get through.

I'm getting better at swimming! I remember ages ago I wrote about these old ladies passing me when I went to the pool, but I went to the gym yesterday and felt much better about my ability to keep up with the old ladies!

The weather here is really warming up which is definite bonus. It made it so much easier to get up this morning and go out for a run. It's nice that I live so close to the sea and I'm able to run along the waterside. Months ago I would never venture that way because it was so cold.

When Josh was here he was able to figure out how to use our VCR. Danny and I are forever grateful because we were able to tape the Champions League Match last night while at House Group. We came back and made some incredible oven chips and then watch the match.

This morning we went into work to get interviewed by the city's Care commission. They just asked us some questions about the type of work we do and our procedures/standards/practices.

This afternoon we are going to get 9 holes of golf in with J.P. and then we were invited to Lauren's for some food tonight! I can't pass up some free food especially after a short round of golf!

What else is happening...? Well I work the next two days (9-9 of course) then this weekend we are having a bash on Saturday at our flat, on Sunday we are going to this great improv comedy downtown, then worship on Sunday night, and we'll see what Monday brings.

Friday, April 21, 2006

I'm back

Well the parents are back in America and I'm back in Scotland. We had a great time together and it allowed me to do some things I wouldn't have been able to do by myself. We went up to the Highlands, which was amazing, spent a couple days in London, and saw everything from a Broadway musical (very good) to eating grilled salmon (also very good) and just enjoying quality time together (also very very good!).

Life has been non stop this past month. Josh was over here during the first week and then I was on night shift and then Mom and Dad came over to visit. I realize I have not worked a "normal" day shift at the House in over one month. So tomorrow I am going to get back into a standard work routine.

It looks like May is also going to be pretty busy. Some of my friends and I scored tickets to the Celtic vs. Kilmarnock football match on May 3rd! I can't wait, it is near impossible to get Celtic tickets but we lucked out. Also on May 7th I am going to see the Blues Brothers as part of a late Birthday gift. My flatmate and very good friend moves out at the end of this month. It's a bummer because we are quite close and our flat is getting really empty. After he leaves it will just be myself and the two girls.

But we are going to have a moving out party sometime next week. It's more of a celebration because he was able to get a permanent position working at the House. We still do church and work together so not too much is changing.

I'm sure there is a lot more I could write on but nothing is coming to mind. It will be good to connect with some friends here I haven't seen in awhile. We are planning on some more "poker nights" and "watching football on a big screen via a projector" nights just so we have an excuse to socialize.

That's all from me for now

Sunday, April 09, 2006

My new skill

Well it is the last night of night shift and I bet you are wondering what my new skill is. Prepare yourself but I think I have developed an...Acute sense of smell. Yep, it is my superhero power.

I went out running before my night shift just like a couple times earlier this week. But this run was different! Immediately out of the door I could smell that the grass was cut by our neighbors. Ok, no big deal, but as I jogged through the stairwell I could definitely tell that our other neighbors were having curry for dinner.

Immediately outside I could smell tar, and when I rounded the corner one block later there was a truck laying some tar down. I then passed a girl and I bet if I asked her if she shampooed and conditioned she would have said yes. I could definitely smell some kind of raspberry hair product.

Before I turned that corner I could smell smoke and of course there were a couple of blokes puffing away outside the pub. And of course the worse was when I could smell the puke from the little five year old who let it loose right in front of me on the sidewalk!

What does this amount to? Probably nothing at all but I thought it would be nice to have a funny post about my new superhero power.

Another random note is that we watched "Supersize Me" tonight on night shift and it just reinforced the reasons why I haven't ate a hamburger at any fastfood place for 10+ months.

Friday, April 07, 2006

The joys of technology...again!

I wrote another long post, and again it disappeared. So I will try to remember what I wrote but it just won't be the same!

It has been a hard night of night shift. Not only did I not sleep much but the residents have been very unsettled. I can't divulge too much info but I have been too busy feeling like a babysitter.

What's new? Nothing much, I have had a couple of interviews over the phone with seminaries and felt they went well. I've been accepted to Asbury, Northern, and Denver and I am just waiting to hear back about some scholarships and seeking God's will in the decision.

My mind has been on my return to the States. A combination of seeing my brother and the fact that my parents are coming soon is making my return feel close. I have four months until I return and I remember what I felt like 4 months before coming to Scotland, anxious and excited. Also since the family is moving around a bit I'm curious as to how much life will have changed when I return. I suppose that it is to be expected as I embark upon the next step of life.

I realize that every stage in my life has always had a defined timeline. For instance, in school you move from year to another. After high school I went to college for four years. Then I came here for a year of voluntary work. I know seminary will take me 2-3 years. I just wonder what life is like without a timeline since I have always had a schedule to follow! Oh well, I'm in no hurry to grow up :)

That's all folks

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Pictures and more...

I just read my post from yesterday and for some reason the text gets jumbled in some places. I'm not sure why but I do sincerly apologize. I slept better today but it is still hard to sleep with the sun out. When I went for my run before work I felt a twinge of spring coming on. The school next door to our flat had just finished getting the grass cut. So there was a weird mixture of cold mild Scotland air and fresh crisp grass smell.

Here are some pics of me and the bro in London, Edinburgh and Dublin.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The joys of technology...

My post yesterday would have been much longer but I lost half of it due to some computer malfunctions. So I should add on to what I posted earlier but I don't have too much in terms of what is going on here in Edinburgh.

Instead I am going to use this space to just aimlessly reflect. I never intended to use this blog as a way to give bits of wisdom. One thing I don't like is when I come across blogs where the author is smugly using 50 dollar words and clever phrases. Sometimes it appears that people are trying so hard to be "deep," or "post-modern" or "relevant" that it can be a real turnoff. So the following musing aren't any attempt to verify truth or how funny I am, it's just what I'm thinking about at 4:04 am!

Some things we could all do without...

The fees charged to go inside Cathedrals. Josh and I didn't bother going into Westminster Abbey or St. Patrick's cathedral because they were charging £5 a head. Just imagine the people who first worshiped in the churches. They would think itabsolutelyy absurd that anyone would have to pay money to enter thebuildingg. Moreover, why should there be a price to pay if visitors want to go into asanctuaryy that was built to glorify God?

Another thing we could do without...

Some reality television shows. I'm sure this show has already hit the States but I just saw itadvertisedd a couple days ago. It is called "Beauty and the Geek." The show is setup where a "geeky" guy has a date with a "beautiful" girl. I'm not sure of the rules and format but somehow it is worthy of being televised. Theecommerciallportrayedd this poor guy asincrediblyy awkward and how he really isn't qualified to be in the presence of all these woman. It made me sick to my stomach. Some producers are sitting in a room deciding that this guy isn't worthy to date these girls. In the first place whatmakess the guy so unqualified? Because he acts different then other people? And secondly what makes these girls so elite? Because they are good looking by some worldly standards? I thoughtaboutt writing to the network but I think this rant will do, I'm sure they'll get back to me after reading my blog :)

Some things we could do with more of in the world...

Michael J Fox, I miss his shows/movies. I was never a big fan ofspinn City, that being said I don't think I ever bothered to watch an episode. However, I love Back to the Future, Teen Wolf, and that show he was in where he was named Alex (see I'm a big fan)

G Rated Movies by Pixar.

Remote control cars and ska music. That is purely childhood memories right there. I loved my remote control cars and ska music needs to make a comeback because I miss it.

Ok, that's enough of nothing. Hope you enjoyed.


Monday, April 03, 2006

Back in Edinburgh

Today I was pretty much a zombie because I am once again on night shift. I actually went out of my way to ask for a week on night shift so I can have the entire next week off when my parents come to town. The only problem is getting in a routine. Yesterday evening I arrived back from Dublin in the evening, went to church, and then attempted to stay up late in order to get on a night schedule. It went pretty well but it just leaves for a lot of free time during the day walking around in pj's and waiting to get tired so you can take another nap.

Other than that this past week was awesome. Josh came over and we conquered the United Kingdom in great fashion. We met up in London, chilled there for a couple of days, came up to Edinburgh, and eventually went over to Dublin. We made some great memories from hot dogs and macaroni, sleeping in airports, walking all over creation, playing football in hurricane weather, and just catching up with each other. His flight back was delayed but from what I heard the airline put him up in a Hilton and gave him $ for food, so I don't have too much pity :)

My time here is flying now. Soon my parents will be over to visit and after I am done enjoying their company I am down to 3.5 months left. It is hard to believe that I have been here for so long and yet at the same time my mind is constantly occupied with my future. This week, actually tomorrow and Thursday I have some interviews via the phone for potential scholarships. That means I have to wake up before I go on night shift and answer questions for about 90 minutes! So any prayer would be greatly appreciated.

I don't like to mention too many people by name so I'll just say "congratulations" to a friend of mine who got engaged this past week. That makes me feel old when friends from 15 years are getting married.