Monday, May 29, 2006


A busy and exciting week-weekend. On Tuesday Danny and I did some pitch n putt before going out to eat with some friends and bible study. On Wednesday we had the great idea of going for a long bike ride, unfortunately this was by the sea. Although it provided for some great scenery it started to rain and rain hard! We had to stop at a little port side hotel and wait out the weather.

Here in the UK they have a 2 for 1 deal at the cinemas if you have an Orange phone. (Orange is the service, (like Verizon) not the color of your phone!) So a bunch of us went to see the movie Brick. I really don't want to bother with the Da Vinci Code since everyone says it's rubbish.

On Thursday I had a short day of work and that night Danny and I, along with two other workmates went to an award dinner for Adult Learners in Scotland. It was pretty posh, the food was great and the Four Tops performed. I love how they introduced the Four Tops, "Ladies and gentlemen, hailing from the United States..." As if they were so exotic!

On Friday everyone from our flat headed over to the Isle of Arran. We had to drive 3 hours, jump on a ferry, and do the return journey all in the same day. We traveled a lot but it was nice to finally get to one of the Isle. The bus service wasn't as good as expected so after we visited the main town we hitchhiked up to the next village that was miles away! It was great that an old man in a truck was willing to give four strangers a lift!

On Saturday our flat again took off for a day trip down to Berwick Upon Tweed, which is right on the England border. It is a picturesque English town and when we arrived there was, of all things, a motorcycle show! The girls weren't too enthusiastic, but Danny and I spent a good time there while they shopped. The contrast of the show and the environment was too funny. By the shore there were a couple of old guys with their fiddles and pints, just playing some traditional music. Their efforts were drowned out by the punk rock band, roaring engines, and buzz of the tattoo laden diehards!

That night about 10 friends came over for another poker night. I ended up 3rd again, which doesn't count for anything. Actually if you win it doesn't count for anything, since we play for the banter and whatever pride one can put into playing a card game!

Yesterday I covered a shift at work after church and so far today it has been pretty relaxing. I was suppose to go golfing with Jp and Danny but just didn't feel up to it. If the weather holds we might get a quick BBQ in at Nicks flat.

I leave for Germany on Sunday, so I'm getting excited! Although I have quite a few things to wrap up before I head off.

It is a bank holiday in England today, but that is a close to any holiday I am feeling, as people state-side are celebrating Memorial Day. Eat a hamburger for me!


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A post

Well it hasn't been a long time since I last wrote but long enough. A lot has happened and I am straining my brain to try to remember all the stuff I've done. So I'll just write some one liners that describe what I've done lately

-Went to South Queensferry (which doesn't mean much to you but it's a nice village and is famous for being the home to the Forth Rail Bridges)

-Went to Falkirk with some friends to buy a car (there is nothing in Falkirk, they have a Division 1 football team but other than that, nothing)

-Went to this little pub right on the Sea that is about 10 minute walk from our flat. (I don't know why we never went there before, my flatmate has a friend here so we took him to this pub and the place is perfect, you can sit over the water)

-Helped Danny move all his things into his new flat (this took a long time!)

-The previous weekend, (before this last one) I watched a lot of football with friends.

-This past weekend I worked. It was a good three days and because we had so many staff members working I organized some outings for the residents. We played Snooker (that was a first for me) and took the guys to the cinema!

-Church was good on Sunday, I worked an early shift and then went to the evening service. It was nice to go to church without the responsibility of having to play the guitar.

-One random funny thing, I went to the gym and a guy sat on a swiss ball and bounced up and down on it for about 10 minutes. I had to leave the weight room because I was laughing so hard. Imagine a short guy, with a shirt that doesn't quite cover his hairy belly, bouncing on a swiss ball....well I thought it was funny.

-Tonight I have house group and I am really desperate to be a tourist today. I have spent too much time in the flat or around Leith instead of going into the city centre. Sometimes you just want to walk around the Royal Mile and the Meadows and be a tourist!

On Thursday I am going to this fancy awards show because Danny received an award and was allowed to take one guest. I guess the tickets cost 50 pounds but we are getting in free!

On Friday me and some friends are going to the Isle of Arran and then on Saturday heading out for another day trip.

How are things otherwise? Well the weather lately has been awful and I'm looking forward to going to Germany come June 4th. I have heard back from 2 of the 3 seminaries but will wait to make my decision until I hear back from all of them. That's all for now


-Played 18 holes of golf at our church golf outing (didn't do well!)

Saturday, May 13, 2006

what's the good word?

So my trip to the Leisure Centre was a little nicer than I thought. It was hands down the best gym I have ever been to. It is situated in the Carlton Hotel just off the Royal Mile. The equipment was nice and so were the machines but the best part was the pool, sauna, tropacarium, steam room, and free food they give you after working out.

On Wednesday Danny and I played boules in the afternoon. Boules is an old persons game but we like it because it's cheap and relaxing. It was quite funny because there was a tournament going on at the same time which included women all over the age of 60. They kept asking us if we wanted any tea and if we understood the rules. What was even better is there was one old chap sitting on a bench watching Danny and I play. Let me tell you he was getting into our game. He would stand up, clap, or do a fist pump whenever we had a good boule! It was great!

Instead of watching the UEFA cup final I actually played football that evening. The game with the residents was cancelled so I played with the City Mission. Afterwards we caught up with the member of staff at his going away party.

Work the past two days has been eventful. Yesterday was especially fun because we were finally able to take the residents to play football on a proper pitch. Then when we came back Danny and I took a couple of guys to a church for a dinner/storytelling/music ministry. It's hard to explain but one of the performers would tell a story and then the other would play his guitar right after. It was a really unique and powerful event.

I have this weekend off which is nice because the following weekends I am either working or busy. Today there are a couple of football matches I am going to watch with friends. Then later on tonight we have a birthday party to go to. Sunday I'll be spending my time at church and doing worship. I think there will be a round of golf sometime before Tuesday comes!

That's all for now, enjoy the weather wherever you are.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I don't have much of anything to write. I just wanted to put some sort of update in here for this week. Nothing out of the norm or exciting has happened this week. Last Friday was the first of many "going" away parties for my co-workers. There is one tomorrow night and another on Saturday. I worked Sat-Mon and I am pretty tired from the long hours. One of the guys I work with has free passes to probably the nicest leisure centre in Edinburgh so I am heading over to his flat pretty soon and we are going there for the afterternoon. Tonight I have house group and tomorrow before the going away party friends are coming to my flat to watch the UEFA final.

Nothing more I can think to tell...!


Thursday, May 04, 2006

nice weather

It is a great day outside, the kind that makes me glad I'm not working inside!

Saturday ended up being as good as predicted and Sunday was really enjoyable. Danny and I went to the improv again but it wasn't near as good as previous times. Because the guys on stage act off the audiences suggestions there is always the chance for some poor sketches.

Worship went well on Sunday night. It has been a challenge because the congregation is spread out in terms of age. There is a decent amount of young adults, a large gap, and then a decent amount of older folks. We have been introducing new songs every week and sometimes the powerpoint doesn't work or the congregation doesn't pick up on the songs so we end up doing a duet of worship!

Last night Danny, J.P. and I went to the Celtic match. The season is over and they already won the league so the atmosphere wasn't electric. However, it was still great to go to a professional club match and they won 2-0.

Today J.P. and I went out for some golf. Golfing here is so cheap and when we are able to do 9 holes in 90 minutes then I can't pass it up. I shot a 41 which is good but disappointing because I was at 30 going into the 8th hole.

My flat is getting empty since flatmates have been moving out/ going back home. There are only 3 of us left and another flatmate is leaving in mid-June.

This month is busy in terms of my time here but the coming months I'll hardly be in Scotland. In June I head over to Germany to hang out with Dan for about a week and then I'm back to Germany for 3 weeks in July to drive all over Eastern Europe!

I don't have too many pressing issues here at the moment. I'm just playing the waiting game to hear back from the different schools I was accepted to. I should probably take a look at my bike and fix it. It has been a blessing to have the bike because I would much rather ride it than take the bus. I went out for an hour bike ride before work on Wednesday morning and was having problems with the gears. Edinburgh is quite hilly, so the bike gets abused, especially when I take it onto any trails.

That's all for now, I have a rare free evening so I'm going to get together with 2 friends and go out and listen to some live music! Take care and drop me a line.