Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Warning: This post contains several spelling errors that I wasn't able to correct because spell check wasn't working and because I am not the best speller in the world! :)

That's right, two post in about two weeks! I told you I would get better. However, this week has been less exciting then weeks past, no international travels! On Sat. I was able to see the U.S. at least tie Scotland, it would of been nice to see a win but I can't complain. It was a great chance to hang out with the volunteers. On Sunday after church I just lounged around the flat and played a lot of games with my roomates. We all get along really well and each night normally ends with us chatting away in the living room. On Monday, although I didn't work again I had various meetings and went out to eat with my pastor. He has given me the challenge (or mission, goal, ministry, whatever you want to call it) to reach some junior high age kids in the neighborhood. They play football a couple times a week and I am going to play with them and eventually try to introduce them to the church. Hopefully create some relationships and go from there. I am also preparing to help lead worship with my flatmate, Danny, in a couple of weeks. Danny is quite the guitar player and has been blessed with an awesome voice, so I don't feel any pressure since I can just play away in the background!

I worked yesterday, which was pretty normal (which means that it was abnormal by a lot of working enviroments standards). I stayed pretty busy with a lot of various tasks but the day ended well becaues I had the chance to spend a lot of time in the flats visiting the guys. One of our residents moved out into his own flat after a 4 month stay. It is rewarding to see a guy like him move on into supported accomodation. He came in with a hosts of problems and was viewed as a high support resident. He left yesterday as one of our best residents and a guy that had come to know the Lord during his stay.

Today I had food and hygeine training from 9-5 and am currently on my way to the house to finish the shift with the rest of my team (so I'll be working from 5pm-9pm). The weather here is still manageable, I am still finding the energy to run at least 4 times a week, which is encouraging. My new routine now involves a bicycle that I found in our flat! Instead of taking the bus to our training today I biked 20 minutes both ways, it's good transportation, excersise, and gives me a little bit of variety.

One last update....I saw the sun today :) That means two days in a row! I think I am going to start to identify the sun as a U.F.O since it is such a rare sighting! Not a lot sun here but still no complaints, I love what I am doing. Take care


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