Thursday, June 05, 2008

Mission Possible (Get it? It's a Pun! Hahahaha)

I really like to be in control of things. With my work schedule I am in control of nothing. I have about 5-6 random jobs to bring income. In a way it's like I'm Ethan Hunt for Mission Impossible. Every morning I wait for that elusive, mysterious phone call with the words, "this is your mission, should you choose to accept it." Ok, not quite. Here is the brief rundown of what will be on my tax return for employment.

-Ropes Course Facilitator-I work when groups schedule
-Conference Center Laborer- Again when groups randomly schedule
-Gutter Cleaning-When my friend calls me
-Landscaping-Whenever the owner calls me
-Drywall/Home Improvement-Whenver my friend calls me
-Substitute Teaching-Done for summer but also whenever the phone rang

I like the variety but I hate the uncertainty. Am I going to work this week? How am I going to make money? How should I work out my schedule? Should I make plans in advance?

In midst of me trying to control and manage and maintain my life there is God. I have never been left wanting, or waiting, or needing.

Yes, I will work this week. Yes, I will make money. Don't worry about your schedule. Go ahead and make plans.

God is faithful and even if I have a week where I don't work a single minute God is still faithful. All my coordinating and worrying will not change what is ahead. I trust that God is in control and I can rest in that promise.


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