Thursday, February 12, 2009

Returning to Something New


1. My friends told me that my posts were too long. (Now if they were real "friends"...)

2. I needed to stay focused at work, so in order to clear my head I started sending myself emails about what I was thinking that I could file away. It was a functional brain dump.

3. Most of these ideas are potential blog posts.

4. I've filed 150 emails in the last 10 months.

5. I'll never write blogs for all, half, or even a quarter of them.

6. People are afraid, myself included, to comment on a polished blog post, so they never do. Maybe less polished blog posts would generate more conversation.

7. "Blogs" are "web logs." So in an effort to log something, I thought I'd log my thoughts instead of filing them in a black hole of an email folder.

8. I don't want to inundate, deluge, or otherwise clutter Watching Gravity.

Solution: TheSecondEclectic

What this means for you, the reader: Watching Gravity will continue to be the place for more fleshed out ideas. TheSecondEclectic is sort of a proving grounds for prototypes and simply an aggregate for my thinking. Engage with it, or disregard it. You have to decide if it's of any value.

Unlike posts here, posts at TheSecondEclectic will mostly be without context, without preface, and a bit more bite-size, unedited, and nascent (maybe what a blog was meant to be). Some may not make much sense at all. I think the context will emerge only if you follow it for any length of time.

I'd love to have you along for the ride. We could turn up the music, put the top down, and sing at the top of our lungs. "DON'T YOU REMEMBER YOU TOLD ME YOU LOVED ME, BABY?!"

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