Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Weird Week

So I had three days off from work and now I have another 3 days off. If I would of known about this I would have planned some sort of traveling. Last night I had to cover an emergency night shift and right now I'm doing quite well considering I have had 4 hours of sleep in the past 36 hours. The nice thing about covering the night shift is that my boss gave me the next couple days off on top of what I already had off.

On Monday I am going to London for a conference and still trying to see if I can find a place to visit/stay while down there. What else? On Sunday I was able to see to Steelers beat the Bungles which was a definite plus. The weekend was pretty mellow, I spent it hanging with other volunteers, watching football, and going to church. This sudden burst of free time is nice but at the same time it gets me feeling unsettled because I want to use my days off wisely.

Last night I played football before my night shift and the residents actually tied the staff. We played pretty horrible and should of won 10-3, not tied 3-3! Well I need to go get some rest and try to get my body back on a normal schedule. Until the next time, enjoy!


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