Thursday, June 29, 2006

what's new?

Well I am posting less and less, it's not because I'm getting lazy, rather I am just busy. This past weekend I went to the Isle of Skye with Lauren, Amanda, and Danny. The weather was amazing and Skye is an outdoor paradise. We went hiking, seal watching, and rented a little paddle boat. All in all a really good weekend. I've had a chance to do some new things here in Edinburgh. I went to a church service and gave my testimony which went rather well. Because the World Cup has been on I have had a lot of opportunities to watch matches, not only at work, but with friends. On Saturday I am going to a friends wedding and my first formal Scottish Cehdhli. July 9th is fast approaching, (when I leave for Germany again) and then I come back on the 25th. I'll have some family visit and then I fly back home in Mid-August. The reality of my time here is becoming more real but still appears quite distant. Another flatmate left to go home so it is down to 2! Four more volunteers will be gone at the end of this week! That's all for now.

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