Monday, August 07, 2006

long overdue

The reason I have not wrote since July 25th is because this is only the second time I have been online in the last two weeks. I thought I would get a chance to catch up on some things when I came back to Edinburgh, but that hasn't been the case.

Quick filler on what has been going on....

Mel and Eric came and visited for a couple of days, actually the day after I flew in from Glasgow I went back to Glasgow to pick them up. We had a great time and took in a lot of the city.

The day they left I put them on a train and then helped move one of my friends into his flat. An all day chore!

The next day I went car shopping! Not for myself, but with another friend. So that was an experience, the first time I've ever done that and in Scotland no less. Not really anything to write home about but we heckled down the price! That night my small group had a nice dinner/sending off party for me.

I worked the following days, Saturday I went on a day trip to St. Andrews. When we got back at the city around midnight we went to a show for the Edinburgh Festival.
Let me say that this city is offically crazy, there are so many people here and so many things going on.

Yesterday I got up and went into the city to watch a small show and then walked up the Royal Mile. The best thing is people will come up to you and try to sell their show, I was able to get a couple of free tickets for things this evening!

I saw an interesting drama about American humour and then was able to score some free tickets to a one man comedy play. Both were quite interesting and good!

Every public building, pub, open space, Edinburgh University room, hotel function space, open courtyard, coffee house, church, (whatever!) has a play, drama, comedy, music, art display, street performer. They estimate that at peak times there is a show starting every 6 seconds!

You can walk down the street and on one side there is a guy playing four games of chess, two guys on one unicycle, a small parade of Chinese dancers, and a group of Irish blokes singing accapella. The atmosphere is great and amazing!

All that being said I really haven't stopped since I came back. There are so many things I need to do but a lot of things I would rather do in terms of entertainment.

After going to shows yesterday we had a going away BBQ with my co-workers and this morning we managed to squeeze in 9 holes of terrible golf, although the weather was great.

More to come hopefully, I fly out next Tuesday to Ireland and then on Wednesday from Ireland to the U.S. Time is running out, but I'm making due.


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