Monday, May 29, 2006


A busy and exciting week-weekend. On Tuesday Danny and I did some pitch n putt before going out to eat with some friends and bible study. On Wednesday we had the great idea of going for a long bike ride, unfortunately this was by the sea. Although it provided for some great scenery it started to rain and rain hard! We had to stop at a little port side hotel and wait out the weather.

Here in the UK they have a 2 for 1 deal at the cinemas if you have an Orange phone. (Orange is the service, (like Verizon) not the color of your phone!) So a bunch of us went to see the movie Brick. I really don't want to bother with the Da Vinci Code since everyone says it's rubbish.

On Thursday I had a short day of work and that night Danny and I, along with two other workmates went to an award dinner for Adult Learners in Scotland. It was pretty posh, the food was great and the Four Tops performed. I love how they introduced the Four Tops, "Ladies and gentlemen, hailing from the United States..." As if they were so exotic!

On Friday everyone from our flat headed over to the Isle of Arran. We had to drive 3 hours, jump on a ferry, and do the return journey all in the same day. We traveled a lot but it was nice to finally get to one of the Isle. The bus service wasn't as good as expected so after we visited the main town we hitchhiked up to the next village that was miles away! It was great that an old man in a truck was willing to give four strangers a lift!

On Saturday our flat again took off for a day trip down to Berwick Upon Tweed, which is right on the England border. It is a picturesque English town and when we arrived there was, of all things, a motorcycle show! The girls weren't too enthusiastic, but Danny and I spent a good time there while they shopped. The contrast of the show and the environment was too funny. By the shore there were a couple of old guys with their fiddles and pints, just playing some traditional music. Their efforts were drowned out by the punk rock band, roaring engines, and buzz of the tattoo laden diehards!

That night about 10 friends came over for another poker night. I ended up 3rd again, which doesn't count for anything. Actually if you win it doesn't count for anything, since we play for the banter and whatever pride one can put into playing a card game!

Yesterday I covered a shift at work after church and so far today it has been pretty relaxing. I was suppose to go golfing with Jp and Danny but just didn't feel up to it. If the weather holds we might get a quick BBQ in at Nicks flat.

I leave for Germany on Sunday, so I'm getting excited! Although I have quite a few things to wrap up before I head off.

It is a bank holiday in England today, but that is a close to any holiday I am feeling, as people state-side are celebrating Memorial Day. Eat a hamburger for me!


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