Thursday, May 04, 2006

nice weather

It is a great day outside, the kind that makes me glad I'm not working inside!

Saturday ended up being as good as predicted and Sunday was really enjoyable. Danny and I went to the improv again but it wasn't near as good as previous times. Because the guys on stage act off the audiences suggestions there is always the chance for some poor sketches.

Worship went well on Sunday night. It has been a challenge because the congregation is spread out in terms of age. There is a decent amount of young adults, a large gap, and then a decent amount of older folks. We have been introducing new songs every week and sometimes the powerpoint doesn't work or the congregation doesn't pick up on the songs so we end up doing a duet of worship!

Last night Danny, J.P. and I went to the Celtic match. The season is over and they already won the league so the atmosphere wasn't electric. However, it was still great to go to a professional club match and they won 2-0.

Today J.P. and I went out for some golf. Golfing here is so cheap and when we are able to do 9 holes in 90 minutes then I can't pass it up. I shot a 41 which is good but disappointing because I was at 30 going into the 8th hole.

My flat is getting empty since flatmates have been moving out/ going back home. There are only 3 of us left and another flatmate is leaving in mid-June.

This month is busy in terms of my time here but the coming months I'll hardly be in Scotland. In June I head over to Germany to hang out with Dan for about a week and then I'm back to Germany for 3 weeks in July to drive all over Eastern Europe!

I don't have too many pressing issues here at the moment. I'm just playing the waiting game to hear back from the different schools I was accepted to. I should probably take a look at my bike and fix it. It has been a blessing to have the bike because I would much rather ride it than take the bus. I went out for an hour bike ride before work on Wednesday morning and was having problems with the gears. Edinburgh is quite hilly, so the bike gets abused, especially when I take it onto any trails.

That's all for now, I have a rare free evening so I'm going to get together with 2 friends and go out and listen to some live music! Take care and drop me a line.


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