Saturday, May 13, 2006

what's the good word?

So my trip to the Leisure Centre was a little nicer than I thought. It was hands down the best gym I have ever been to. It is situated in the Carlton Hotel just off the Royal Mile. The equipment was nice and so were the machines but the best part was the pool, sauna, tropacarium, steam room, and free food they give you after working out.

On Wednesday Danny and I played boules in the afternoon. Boules is an old persons game but we like it because it's cheap and relaxing. It was quite funny because there was a tournament going on at the same time which included women all over the age of 60. They kept asking us if we wanted any tea and if we understood the rules. What was even better is there was one old chap sitting on a bench watching Danny and I play. Let me tell you he was getting into our game. He would stand up, clap, or do a fist pump whenever we had a good boule! It was great!

Instead of watching the UEFA cup final I actually played football that evening. The game with the residents was cancelled so I played with the City Mission. Afterwards we caught up with the member of staff at his going away party.

Work the past two days has been eventful. Yesterday was especially fun because we were finally able to take the residents to play football on a proper pitch. Then when we came back Danny and I took a couple of guys to a church for a dinner/storytelling/music ministry. It's hard to explain but one of the performers would tell a story and then the other would play his guitar right after. It was a really unique and powerful event.

I have this weekend off which is nice because the following weekends I am either working or busy. Today there are a couple of football matches I am going to watch with friends. Then later on tonight we have a birthday party to go to. Sunday I'll be spending my time at church and doing worship. I think there will be a round of golf sometime before Tuesday comes!

That's all for now, enjoy the weather wherever you are.

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