Friday, December 21, 2007

Goodwill Blue Jeans

This picture is hilarious! Chuck Norris and denim; a killer combination. I would not want to get a roundhouse kick from somebody wearing those lethal jeans!

Clothes are funny. They identify people and I find it humorous how much time we spend with them. Shopping. Coordinating outfits. Critiquing each other's style choices. Somehow we justify a need for 20 t-shirts, 14 pairs of shoes, 5 winter jackets, etc. I wonder, is this really the best way to spend our money?

In high school my parents thought it was comical how I always shopped at Goodwill. Since I loathe shopping, second-hand shops bring in a tinge of fun. Regular shopping is just too easy; go into the store, find the size, try on the clothes, pay in any form.

Ah, but go to a thrift store and the game changes. You want a green sweater. First, hope they have sweaters, and green ones. Chances are it what you were looking for; unlikely. Chances are it fits; slim. And if you hit the jackpot there might be a dressing room! Depending on the tag it might be 1/2 off (I find that comical, half off clothes at second hand stores) Ready to buy it, well better have cash, a small bill, or a specific credit card. Man, all this talk makes me want to go leafing through moldy, attic, smelling clothes!!

To my point....I still shop primarily at Goodwill for clothes. Actually, I have bought one item of clothing not at a thrift store in the last three years. Beside socks and boxers that is where I go. Recently all my jeans have ripped or torn and I have had no luck finding any. I could easily find some at any department store. But I also realize I could easily go without for awhile. Yeah they aren't in the best condition but they'll do.

My logic is that I can drop 20 bucks for a pair of jeans, or maybe find three or four pairs for that much at Goodwill. Even though it isn't as convenient this is a way I try to practice good stewardship. Instead of buying outrageously marked up clothes I can just re-use what somebody else doesn't want anymore.

If it comes down to an easy $20 pair of jeans, or taking a month to buy a $4 pair, I'll gladly take the latter. Especially if I can use that $16 for other needs I might have in my life. Or better yet, I can use some of that leftover money and bless somebody. I'm convicted to try to do more blessings and less hording.

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