Sunday, December 16, 2007

I need an outlet

I am most unproductive, or should say, I don't grow as much, when I don’t have a ministry. I have had some kind of ministry during the past 1.5 years. I was a youth pastor for a bit and then did a summer stint as the Assistant Director at a Youth Camp. I find that when I am shepherding a flock and teaching people I am growing the most. Currently I am going to school full time and have a 15 hour week internship at a hospital.

As a chaplain about 1/2 of the work is “me” focused, as I learn about my gifts, passions, and traits to care for people. The program is a great balance between personal discovery and practical ministry. I can simply say that never before have I questioned the character, meaning, and purpose of God.

But the reason I re-started this blog is because I need a consistent outlet. (Hospital chaplaincy can be random and sporadic) I don’t expect that I will be exactly shepherding anyone during this time. But I need an outlet to get my ideas out and to get feedback. In my mind I am sharing about my life, my thoughts on God, and all for the purpose of edifying and encouraging others.

The way I am wired it is important for me to take my thoughts and meditations and articulate them. By putting them into written form it makes me conclude them. Most of the time I have these ideas but I just let them be. Or God lays something on my heart and I give it a cursory thought and immediately forget it. This blog is for me! When God impresses something on me this blog will give me a chance to explore that idea more and continually process it.

So if you like to read it, go ahead. If not, that’s fine. If I decided to do this on my own it would’t happen. By putting it on the Internet it causes me to be accountable. I suspect some people will read it and even if just one person stumbles across it once a day then it gives me a drive and pleasure!

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