Sunday, August 31, 2008

Coming to ears near You

In the last year I came to terms with all the "illegal" music I have. Being on a college campus 3 years ago meant access to plenty of music I didn't purchase. So slowly I have begun to either delete the music I can do without or purchase the CDs. But this brings up a tension I have. (The fact that this is a "tension," shows how blessed I am to have discretionary money).

I love music and having the CD case with the jacket completes my passion. I have fond teenage memories of buying a CD and going to my room, playing it, and lying on my bed reading every single lyric. Not only is the music a form of art but the images from the jacket add to the artist' creation. Reading the words adds a literary dimension. Everything from who the band thanks, the equipment they use, and the font, gives depth to music.

In an effort to simlify my life I am in conflict with my CD collection. There are a lot of CD's I want to purchase but that means taking up more space in my apartment. I appreicate the simplicity of the digital era but I am just a traditionalist at heart. It would be like getting a digital copy of a book to read on my computer. Sure, the book will be "read." But I don't just read or listen to music for a utilitarian experience of finishing a task. I read and listen to music because it is a passion, not a mundane motion.

To tie this all together there is a lot of music coming out this fall I am looking forward to. My favorite artist and 3 of my favorite bands are all kicking out albums. This is crazy. Why can't they just pace it out over the course of a couple of years. So after a period of famine here is the feast....

Denison Witmer Carry the Weight Nov 11

Cool Hand Luke The Sleeping House Oct 14

Brave Saint Saturn Anti-Meridian Sept 14

The following two are supposedly suppose to release stuff soon


Sleeping at Last


John Lynch said...

You can have all my jackets, man. I have a killer album from the soundtrack to the 80's movie, "Breakin' I". Oooooohhh yeahhhhh!!!

Adventure-aneers said...

oooo.....Cool hand like this thought...i have thought about it as well....and still words of wisdom, just props for thinking about it