Monday, August 18, 2008

The People's Olympics

I shared an idea a few days ago that has turned into an inside joke with my friends. It's called the People's Olympics. This is the setup: four years before the next Olympics people are randomly selected from each country to compete in an Olympic event. So for instance, a committee sits down and out of a hat draws names for the 4 x 200 meter race. You could have a 70 year old senior citizen, a college athlete, a soccer mom, and a 12 year old boy. Of course you can turn down your nomination or selection but would you really want to?

In other news....Michael Phelps is a decent swimmer. I would definitely want him to be selected for the U.S. in the next People's Olympics

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midwestern girl said...

sounds like a japanese game blog, by the've got a bit of everything on here!