Wednesday, August 06, 2008

"Did you hear about Brett Favre?"

"Did you hear about Brett Farve?" became the inside joke with my family this weekend. If you haven't heard about Brett Farve then congratulations and don't bother with the whole drama.

On Monday in less than 3 hours, I heard opinions from John McCain, the lady who scanned our groceries, Tiger Woods and my 9 month-old neices. (last one is a lie, they can't talk). That morning, sitting down and watching one full episode of Sportscenter the sports anchors beat the story into a pulp, squeezed it into juice, drank it, then regergitated it for scientific investigation.

I like sports and Sportscenter but how many talking heads can talk about one thing? This is what it sounds like: Brett Farve retired. He un-retired. He wants to play football. The Packers don't want him to play for them or for anybody else. He might get traded. Did he fly in on a private jet? What do the fans think? ALERT! This just in, Brett Farve believes in global warming and prefers Bananas to Apples.

The media is obsessed with this man and a story that isn't much of a story. The "Brett Farve Saga," is an addiction. We take a healthy intrest and then it begins to dominant. It feels like the media is making news to have something to report on.
This reminds me of Jr. High when Chad broke up with Lisa because he didn't like her anymore. But than Amber, (who doesn't even know Lisa), becomes indignant and righetously angry at Chad and creates a scene in the cafeteria. That is what the media is. They are Amber. You know the girl, creating commotion just to be involved and to be heard.

Of all the things going on in the world, and even the world of sports, I think there are other voices for us to listen to.


Anonymous said...

we went to the same jr. high school and i don't remember any chad or lisa or ever breaking up....but I hear Brett Favre remembers it.

Anonymous said...

That anonymous post was from me...i forgot to leave my name...i was too busy trying to figure out if Brett Favre would want me too.

-- Rick

Mike Moore said...

Yeah right you don't remember. "Chad," is a pseudonym for Rick. You have buried these memories. Let them surface, go ahead, it's ok, Brett Farve said so.