Sunday, December 28, 2008

Blogroll call 3

After Blogroll Call, I thought I'd exhausted the number of blogs you needed to know about. Then came Blogroll Call 2 because I'd found more friends and blogs worthy of your limited attention. But that was the end of them.

Now. Okay, this is for sure the last one.

I've mentioned my 3 female friends in the downstairs apartment before (just think Friends). I told you about Love Wins. It seems that blogging is contagious, like any good bug among roommates. At Hope, Coffee, and Melody, my friend the aspiring writer wrote a good meditation on control. She has a good line that I will steal some time: "My only goal is to be sure that Jesus doesn’t leave the building." Amen and amen.

And at Maestro's Musings, my other friend who admitted that she skims my long blog posts learned that brevity is not so easy. I read her whole post on Finding Your Voice. I really appreciated her insights.

I meant to include The Cheeky Gwynnes in Blogroll Call 2 but forgot. She is a colleague of mine with whom I get along easily, and he's her Scottish beau. She honored me by asking me to ush at their wedding last summer.

Another colleague in another department (you'll never guess which one) has this blog which I've known about for some time. I've learned a lot about the theory of design, although I'm sure it only scratches the surface. He's dedicates a lot of posts to it and I enjoy scratching deeper. It reminds me that there are people out there passionate about things that I'm not, and I love that.

Here are three more blogs that I don't have a personal connection with but enjoy regularly.

"PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard." I must warn you that there is often explicit content on their weekly posts. Please let your conscience guide you. I think the primary value of this blog is telling others that they are not alone, and speaking truth to secrets and remove the power they have over individuals. In my eyes, brokenness (i.e., life) is full of explicit content, and we should not be ignorant of how sin twists good things. As my friend reminds us, "God goes deeper than the pain." In it, I see what redemption in Christ can mean, it's power and beauty.

A colleague recently pointed me to The Art of Manliness. It brings chivalry into the modern context.

Finally, some blog pointed me to the FailBlog. I've laughed out loud at this stuff. Its pictures capture the contradictions found in real life--sometimes beyond belief. Again, there is some implicit content that is questionable, so please use your discretion.

Enjoy the blogs!


Amber said...

I cannot take credit for that quote. It's from Mike Yaconelli. Thanks for the shoutout tho!

Carrie said...

Thanks for the shoutout too and for reading my whole post! I still haven't read many of yours! :) At least I'm honest.

studiosmith said...

What's the you'll never guess which one all about A?

Adam said...

Studio - That is to say, your blog has a clear vision (unlike yours truly) for design, which makes it a no-brainer about what your specialty is, and thus the deparment you work in.

studiosmith said...