Saturday, July 26, 2008

Blogroll Call

We’ve added some new links over on the right. These are friends and blogs I read and recommend. Check them out. I’ll mention or link to a recent favorite too.

The New Small Talk
Kim writes like she talks. She’s as funny on her blog as she is in real life. Her blog is like getting an extra scoop of ice cream. (On getting her hair cut and Walgreens)

50 Years Too Late
Make that 2 extra scoops. This is my source for old-movie culture. I can be knowledgeable about old movies without having to actually watch most of them. (To appeal to a broader audience: Old Movies + The Simpsons)

Goat Cabin
J. L. Schindler’s a raver. But you won’t get that unless you meet him in person. He’s much more subtle in print. I appreciate reading his writing, since mostly I hear him critique others’. He knows his books, so I try to absorb what I can. (On getting his hair cut … I don’t know! Also, The Male in the Mail)

Ask Chaka
I never knew linguistics could inform so much about the way we are. Matt’s a linguist at heart, but that’s all subtext (or pretext?) for his blog posts which are about all the other stuff. He recently analyzed pronunciation options for the word, chipotle.

Parisi Images
My friend Sarah is a passionate and amazing photographer. (From Seattle)

the Wolff pack
Bryan and Meggan are friends from college. I keep up with their lives out on the West Coast this way. They tell stories about being parents that remind me to be thankful I’m still a bachelor.

Brandenburg Ink
Ben and Toni are more friends from college. Their living in Philly, and I like to hear what life is like for someone (Ben) who reads all day.

Exchanging Hope
Paul’s a new friend from around campus here. He’s someone passionate about living among the poor and needy and someone whom I admire for such compassion and commitment. This guy is quality.

Blogs we read
Stuff White People Like
This website’s only been up for about 6 months but has been a white culture phenomenon. It’s now a book, and I imagine it will soon be made into a movie, much like “He Just Not That Into You.” I’m white for reasons #99, #105, #92, #81, #82, #70, #41, #35, #28-31, #23-25, #19, #21, and more.

NLT Blog
Maybe I’m just towing the party line, but I’m proud to work on the Bibles and reference books we publish. There are always aspects I cringe at, but I’m more impressed with the NLT today than when I started at Tyndale. (Plus, I share an office wall with one of the NLT bloggers.) I love a little controversy.

The Suburban Christian
I’m suburban. I’m Christian. This helps.

She Worships
I enjoy this young woman’s perspective on being a single woman and a Christian. It’s nice to know that single guys and ladies aren’t so far apart in their hopes and fears, problems and mistakes. Like me, she’s got a take on text messaging. And “The New Legalism.”

Strange Maps
I enjoy a little randomness like this. It’s a bit of useless trivia, but it humors my brain. Here’s how to get around heaven.

Third Way Faith
I read Shane Hipps’ book, called Hidden Power of Electronic Culture: How Media Shapes Gospel, Faith, and the Church. Terrible title. Great book. It enlightened my thinking about technology, worldview, and faith. It’s a very accessible book, and his opinions seem fair and even-handed to me. This is his blog. (On Church Advertising)

Ed Stetzer
I read an article of Ed Stetzer’s in a pastoral leadership magazine. The magazine promotes megachurches—which is a like a pill stuck in my throat. But he seemed to be one of the more thoughtful about megachurches and thought I’d give his opinion a fair hearing. I still haven’t heard a robust and biblical apologetic for megachurches, but I appreciate his perspectives. (On Multi-Site Churches)

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