Monday, January 05, 2009

Best of 08

I don't know what is but couldn't find an image for this post. But Crack Beery is pretty fun to say.

Just like last year I'm going to do a random best of 08 list. The categories are as follows...

Best Movie in Theater- I saw about 7 movies in the theatre this year which is more than I saw the previous 3 years combined. I paid for probably 2 of them, thanks to my ex-roomate working at AMC. Most of them were poor but the best was probably Dark Knight.

Best Movie watched at Home- Lars and the Real Girl. A compeletely non-sequitor movie about a guy and his plastic girlfriend. Thanks to Amber for picking this movie out for our friends to watch.

Best Book Read for Class- Two books here. First, Who's Afraid of Postmodernism? You might not like schoarly jargon like "post-modernity," but this book will make you re-think Christian perpective of evagelism, worship, and gathering.

Second, The Shaping of Things to Come. I was at a suburbian-white-affluent church on Sunday and they were giving this book away for free. Awesome! Just read through the first and second chapter, that's all, and it will make you re-think church life.

Best Book read not for class- Two books again. I just finished Shane Claibornes Irresistable Revolution. Like most people who read it I feel convicted, inspired, and challenged.

Second, The Great Divorce, C.S. Lewis. I'm more inclined to Lewis' fiction because it is easier to read! :)

Note: As of right now I am tired of hyperlinking everything I write. I suggest just "googling" anything if you want to find the website. Sorry but you have to earn your websites from now on.

Best Sports Moment- I was in Pittsburgh visitng family. My lowly Pirates came down from a 7 run deficiet to win in extra innings off a walk off homerun! Probably the most electric sports enviroment I have ever been in!

Best New Band/Musician Discovered- Bon Iver is quite the artist. Thanks to Daniel for this find. But really it has been a slow year for new music, I've just been looking forward to my favorites putting out new albums.

Best CD/Album..whatever- O.k. so for Christmas I waited to get some iTunes $ to purchase Anathallo, Brave Saint, Saturn, Cool Hand Luke, Denison Wimter's new works. I'm going to guess all of those could make my list. But in terms of what I have listend to extensively I would put Steven Delopoulos Me Died Blue on top of the list.

Best Web Site- I started to use Facebook this year...but it's nothing to write home about. I don't think there is anything for this category.

Best Blog- I really enjoy Scot McKnight's Jesus Creed blog. And of course this little piece of internet real estate!

Best Beer- I like beer but I really only like good beer. That makes me really white and snobbish but would rather spend $5 on one good drink than on a bunch of crud that taste like water. And drinking to the point of pointlessness has never appealed to me.

Traquair Jacobite- A nice Scottish Ale made with some coriander and chocolate so no bitter aftertaste.

Arogant Bastard Ale
- Sorry about the name but this beer is rare. Another heavy Ale but brewerd here in the U.S.

Best Place Visited- I just returned from a drive to Meixco and back but would say that the city of Baltimore was my new favorite city. Going to the Republic of Georgia is up there too.

Best Food- One Saturday I helped my brother-in-law move some mulch. My sister made me a Peanut Butter and Bannana sandwhich on wheat bread. It was amazing.


melissa said...

Wow ... didn't know my peanut butter banana sandwich was so good - you're easy to please.

Anonymous said...

Nice best of list...I too loved Lars and the Real made me laugh and cry at the same time.

Dan said...

I would have bet money on best food being whole-grain white bread.