Friday, January 30, 2009

Commitment or Constrainment?

No, I'm not talking about marriage. I apologize if you are disappointed. Talking about decisions, future, etc.

I rejoice in how transient my life is. I'm in my mid-20's and have already lived and visited numerous places in the world. Countries my parents and grand-parents have never been or will ever be. I recently drove to Mexico for a week just because I could. Really, I'm spoiled. How many people have the discretionary income, time, and opportunity to just go on a road trip with their friends? No many.

Because I'm single my place of dwelling is primarily up to me (sure God, family, calling, work, friends play a part). So as I anticpate graduation the "world," is at my fingertips. Oh, the options. This is like giving me $10 for iTunes, or letting Adam walk into a bookstore with a blank check, or trying to choose where to eat in Chicago suburbs!

Theoretically speaking, I (and many of my friends) could up and move tomorrow. After graduation I know there will be opportunities for me across the United States and the world. I don't say this to be cocky or prideful, it's just the truth. Many of us young single adults with a four year degree (or more) bred from a middle class background have the privilege of being transient.

So where to go?

Fear says, "be careful of constraint. If you go somewhere and you don't like it that would be terrible. You are so young, take advantage of it."

Truth says, "you need to commit. You just can't be a nomad hoping from place to place. That is no way to live. Community, deep relationships matter, they foster intimacy and life."

Wisdom says, "don't just stay around here because you have these deep relationships. Don't become too comfortable and use that as an excuse to not follow where God is leading."

This I am sure. The attraction of other places will always remain. They are unknown, contain possibilities, and have an alluring mystery. God surely calls us to go out into the "wilderness." I am also sure that in a world of transience and mobility it is a greater discipline to remain committed and rooted in a particular location.

I guess the one place I am looking for is the balance.


Rachael Monts said...

Your words speak to my heart, Mike. Balance...will we ever find it?!

Dan said...

If you can find balance, I am confident that most anyone can.