Monday, March 17, 2008

Two Ways to Look at Someone

One Way: The Jesus Glasses
I remembered in college being challenged to see people as Christ sees them.  This summer I gave a "message" (sermon, homily, whatever you prefer) that pretty much said our identity is found in God because we were created in God's image.  

At one point I said the following:

When Jesus sat across from the woman (at the well) he didn't see a whore, but he saw a woman in need of healing.  When God looked down at Saul on the road to Damascus he didn't see a villain but he saw a future disciple. 

The idea behind this thought is that God/Jesus, (our model, perfecter of faith) sees people with a different lens, not as broken but as beautiful.  In retrospect I struggle with this concept.  It isn't that I disagree with it but I find it so daunting.  I admit that I cannot look at people like Jesus does.  It is a great challenge but it leaves me frustrated and discouraged. 

Second Way: The Jesus Gene

Recently I was challenged to see people in another way.  Not as Jesus sees them, but rather to see Jesus in them.  For me this just works a lot better.  I don't think one is "better" than another but when I look at someone as carrying the DNA of Christ, because they are a splendid part of creation, it is more encouraging.

The challenge still remains: how will you look at people today?

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Dan said...

I caught myself recently looking at a young pregnant girl and thinking (in different words or no words at all) "sinner."

I stopped, and couldn't believe what had just happened. I judge people way more than I want to, and way more than I want to admit.

I think I need the Jesus gene.