Saturday, March 08, 2008

What do I look like to you?

My posts have been absent the last two weeks.  I have been writing papers and I thought about posting those but I don't think 15-20 pages of research is blogger material. 

I wonder how I come across to people.  Especially with people telling me the following this week

1) At Starbucks a lady says to me, "You look like you come here all the time, where is the clock?"

My response, "Actually this is my first time here, I don't know."

2) While subbing a kid says to me, "Mr. Moore I bet you play a lot of paintball.  You look like a paintball player."

My response, "I've played twice before, sorry."  (What does a paintball player look like?)

3) While subbing another kid said to me, "Mr. Moore you look like Jesus."

My response, "Except I have about 5 inches in height, paler skin, lighter hair, and I'm guessing Jesus was good looking." 

4) This is the best one, it happened last week while subbing:

A girl says, "Oh I thought you were our teacher, you look like her."

My response, "You know I'm not offended but if your teacher has a beard she is in the wrong profession (alluding to the circus)

My point?  These assumptions, presumptions, expectations, interpretations, were wrong.  I don't go to that Starbucks all the time, I don't play paintball, I do not look like the historical Jesus, and I can say with confidence I do not look like a 40 year old woman English teacher." 

When we look at people we don't always see accurately.  How than should we see?

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