Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Team is Powerful!

I actually have a lot of things brewing in my mind but not a lot of time to post. So this will be short and pithy and an echo of an earlier post.

Last night a Cubs fan said to me when finding out I am a Pirate fan, "oh, we have you next. You better look out, we are going to take you out."

I couldn't help but notice the personal pronouns, we and you.

It wasn't simply this girl saying that her team was going to beat my team. But in a sick sense it was her taking dominion over me. She was exerting power over me by claiming the Cubs were better than the Pirates (which is hard to argue otherwise).

I realized that our sports teams are really exercises of our power. That is why we love it when our team wins, because it vicariously gives us power and a sense of accomplishment. Like we have conquered somebody else and achieved a level of status in the world.

I think if Jesus was a baseball team he would be in last place.


Adventure-aneers said...

and people would either want to sell the team, or trade everyone on it.

Mike Moore said...

exactly! they'd pull a Judas and make some quick cash to get rid of the problem.