Tuesday, April 01, 2008

There's a Cubs shaped Hole in all of Us!

Hi, I’m Rick, another roommate of Mike’s taking over his blog. Apparently I need to be careful what I say around him, because yesterday I just happened to make what I thought was a fairly clever and witty observation, and now he is forcing (yes, forcing!) me to post said observation on this blog.

So without further ado, here is the thought I had. Mike and I were watching a little bit of baseball on Monday (the REAL opening day) and we got to talking about annoying sports fans (specifically certain cubs fans that we know, my goodness can they ever be insufferable…) Anyway, I made the comment to Mike that I think Christians can be some of the worst (read: most annoying) sports fans in the history of sporstfandom. Allow me to unpack that (I had a communications professor in undergrad who used the word unpack at least once every class, it was annoying, and now I cannot escape the word…but I digress.)

Christians, at least in the evangelical tradition in the United States, are taught that their belief system is correct (and everyone else’s is wrong) and that it is their God-mandated duty to “convert” (read: tell everyone else how wrong they are) the masses (read: godless heathens.) That is a jaded, cynical overgeneralization to be sure, but stay with me. This zeal creates annoying sports fans b/c they have that same “evangelistic” mindset. That is to say, their sports team is the greatest (God’s team, even?) and yours is clearly inferior (and possibly a spawn of Satan) and you need to “see the light” and come over to their side (which in Chicago is the North Side.)

So to that I say, BOO!

And go Tigers!

And, for Mike, go Pirates!

And to the Cubs, just go (away!)

Mike's Disclaimer** Rick's doesn't really hate the Cubs that much but we do share the annoyance of some Cub's fans "sportsfandom."
For the Tigers I also say "go" and for the Pirates I say, "Can we end the season now so they finally have a winning season!"

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Josh said...

haha - good point Rick

i repent not because i was wrong, its more of a pride issue