Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Been a long time

When I get wrapped up in school work I tend to let this blog slide. I produce and write so much that I just want to copy and paste my papers from school! So in a way I've done a little bit of that here.

I know this isn't the normal format for my blog. But if you have ever read Romans 13:1-7 it is a complicated passage. Paul writes about our relationship with the governing authorites. I researched this passage because I have always been fascinated by the way Christians interact with the State. Coming up on the elections there are a lot of observations to be made. I plan on sharing my perspective on all this political frenzy that sweeps America every 4 years

Maybe if you have a chance to read that passage and meditate on it my conclusion from my paper will be an added feature. Here it is

The powers we live under are ordered by God and submit to that Sovereign authority. The way we function in this world, as peaceful citizens, is to witness by embodying the cross. Romans 13:1-7 teaches Christians to engage the world, discern the “good” with love and to live with the freedom of Godly submission. Human authorities are good insofar as they uphold the ethic of love. The church responds by transforming the powers of the world through submission, not coercive rebellion. Our attitude and practice is birthed out of the victory on the cross and maintains the goal of proclaiming Christ’s victory over the powers. It is only in serving God and our fellow man we will live with a proper relationship to the authorities.

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