Saturday, May 24, 2008

White Bread

I just got "marketed." Being marketed is becoming a victim of a ploy by a commercial organization trying to sell their product.

So I'm at Panera with Dan and Rachael. I went to get some food and recalled that you can order slices of their bread. I was in a bread mood so I thought, "why not?"

Looking over my options I saw Whole Grain White Bread. I thought, "Wow. What's so special about that? Whole Grain White Bread. Amazing!"

After I ordered and brought it back Dan and Rach asked what I got. I proudly told them, Whole Grain White Bread." Like it was some hidden relic I unearthed from the catacombs of an Italian bakery.

Dan looked at me, "You got white bread?"

And I realized I just ordered two slices of white bread. (Although I did put honey and butter on it) (And I'm sure my order entertained the 18 year old working the counter).

So after realizing my random decision and trying to rationalize it to them, with no avail, I told them I was going to try all of Panera's bread and rate it on my blog. (Which I won't do).

If you want to know, Panera's Whole Grain White Bread taste white bread.'s whole grain!


Dan said...

Way to go, bread man.

Mango smoothie... way better.

Cobblestone muffin, also way better.

White bread?


ricko said...

slap my 'fro, whitebread!