Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Obama, McCain and Rick Warren

Adam alerted me to this story.

Barak Obma and John McCain are taking their roadshows to Saddleback Church for their Civil Forum on Leadership and Compassion. If you aren’t familiar with Saddleback it is a 22,000 plus megachurch in California lead by Rick Warren (Purpose Driven Life).

I have mixed emotions.

Part of me wants to call out Saddleback for becoming a platform or for the government. I believe the church needs to engage the realm of governmental politics. After all this is the very world we are called by the church. Yet, has Saddleback sold out their allegiance to Christ by providing and promoting these two candidates? Why do these two men have to come and speak at the church of all places? We are called to engage the government but is this too far?

The other part of me recognizes that this Fall, John McCain or Barak Obama will be the president of the United States. A majority of people in the United States and those tuning in to the activity at Saddleback are going to vote for one of these two men. A lot of people are undecided and it is important that they make educated choices. What better way to be educated than by having the two men come and speak at the church? Moreover, it is for a good cause and it is bringing awareness to the way people can engage through their civic duty.

No conclusions. Just things to think about.

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Anonymous said...

Hmm...I too have mixed feelings on this, but I'd rather not get into all those right now. But at least Saddleback invited both candidates and not one or the other...I am sick the belief that if you are a christian you are expected to be a republican, although neither party really seems good enough to me...