Friday, July 18, 2008

Tailgate meets Garage Sale

The dream for Tailgate meets Garage Sale started over a year ago. I, and most of my friends, don't have garages of our own (if they do, I burden them with storing my motorcycle there), but I've got plenty of stuff that I would sell if I had a place to sell it. My Grand Prix's trunk is my garage these days. I store extra oil, tools, straps, rollerblades, gas cans, and more in there.

The idea for selling out of my trunk sounded a little ghetto and sketchy. I don't do well with people walking or driving by staring and wondering about my mental capacity. But I figured, "If I get a lot of people to do it together, it'll seem normal." Or at least, we won't notice the passersby staring. Crowds of people can make almost anything seem normal (except for this one time at the Taste of Chicago...).

The idea of giving part of the proceeds to Feed My Starving Children? I don't know how that idea came up. I don't remember it being my idea, but I'm glad for whoever came up with it. That really became the motivating force behind making the Tail happen. Tailgate meets Garage Sale became about more than making money, hanging out with friends, or getting rid of stuff. It's no longer buyers here and sellers there but people joining together to help neighbors in our global community. It's a bunch of strangers getting together and having something in common. It's a force for good.

And with all these people, this little dream is now bigger than me. That's a dream worth having.

(P.S. If you'd like to get in on the action, throw some stuff in your trunk, drive over to Evangelical Free Church of Naperville tomorrow, and join the party.)

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