Sunday, March 01, 2009

Generational Divide

This topic has been close to my heart during the past three years. Ironically my Dad sent me the following e-mail prompting this post.

hi Mike,

As you know, I'm not a blogger...but if you happen to be looking for an idea to run with, here's one. Recently I read an article that younger people under the age of 30 are creating new internet community connections because the fastest growing demographic on Facebook is the over 40 crowd. We have invaded your world. What is it that causes to insist on building these artificial walls? What is that refuses to believe that we can really connect across the generations? Is it fear, misunderstanding, stereotyping or a combination of several factors? And why is it that the church seems to tragically follow the culture instead of leading the culture in this vein? As I used to say, "just wondering......"

Steal it.....borrow it...use it...abuse it...or just forget it.

Love ya,

Daddio, a member of the over 40 crow d.

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