Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's all a lie....I eat an apple a day and look what happened

I hate getting sick. After 5 sluggish days of fighting through work and school I got K.O. last night. This morning it felt like I gargled a cup full of pebbles. So I had to call in sick ("Hi it's Mike, can you get a sub for the sub?)

So I decided to venture to the Walgreens Take Care Clinic. I have insurance but it is that kind of insurance that only covers you in the event you get thrown into a trash compactor or an airplane engine falls on you.

The Clinic wasn't bad but I paid $60 to find out what I knew already; I'm sick. The doc showed me some drugs in the Walgreens that were locked behind a glass door, so I suppose I feel like I was a priveleged consumer. She reasoned that I could be good to go tomorrow but ony time would tell. I did find out that my blood pressure is 120ish/70ish (is that good?). My heart rate is 60 (the doctor seemed surprised, so I figure that's good).

The plus side of all this is that I'm getting time to work on my final papers for next week. The negative side is that I can't do jack. It's no secret that I like to be busy and make my life so. So I find humility in illness. But there is also a period of solitude as my future continues to take shape.


Anonymous said...

sorry you're sick! your blood pressure is awesome...though mine is lower still (98/60). i chalk it up to all the green tea i drink. hope you feel better soon!

Dan said...

You're heart rate is 60? I'm surprised you're alive. Your body must be really efficient.

Anonymous said...

oops! yeah, i meant 70 not 60...typed the wrong number...i do get cold often, but not that cold :-)