Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Friend(ly) Man Crush

Tell me if you get the logic behind the photo after reading the post. It is a deep and random connection in my head. (Hint:think music)

Months back Adam wrote a post about man crushes. I don't quite have a list (or at least one that I am willing to share publicly) but will jump off the definition he made.

man crush \man krəsh\ n. 1. a feeling of excessive admiration or nonsexual attraction toward a fellow male who embodies many of one’s ideals 2. a desire to imitate the character, skills, or beliefs of another male 3. a strong identification with the values, priorities, or public image of a male figure. The object of a man crush is usually not personally known by the subject.

My man crushes are on anyone who I admire and enjoy being with (I shouldn’t end a sentence with a preposition). So truth told I have man crushes on all of my friends. That’s right; I wrote it.

My friends all have characteristics, skills, and beliefs I identify with. The people significant and close are the ones I value the most. We spend time together not out of obligation but because I want to hang out with them. We spend time together because they have an ethos and personality that compels me to giving my self back to them in friendship.

I’m not trying to make a philosophy or hard and fast rule out of friendship. In the 4th grade when my sister had friends who couldn’t get a long. So she had to spend one recess with one group of friends and the other recess with the other group of friends. (It sounds goofy and it is, but if you knew my sister you would want to hang out with her that bad too!) Any contract takes the joy and authenticity out of life.

This isn't a contract but a truth; I love hanging out with people who bring me closer to God.

This doesn’t mean they are talking 24/7 about Jesus, the church, and theology. Instead just by being in their presence I’m reminded that God works through people to bring glory.

It might be a friend with a lot of energy that reminds me how God is active.

Or a friend who is always empathetic that reminds me how God feels our pain.

Or a friend who sings to remind me that God places a song in our heart.

Or a friend who is challenging my cemented convictions to remind me that God is always radical and new.

Or a friend who loves the homeless to remind me that God cares for the poor.

It’s just good to have friends!


Eric said...

I love hanging out with your sister too!

Anonymous said...

Sorry- I only know you through the grapevine, and I happened to stumble across your blog one day. I didn't mean to freak you out. I just really enjoy reading other people's thoughts, etc. It keeps me humble knowing my perspective isn't the only one out there.