Friday, September 19, 2008

Writing Just Because

Sorry about the hiatus, it gets hard to write consistently. I'm honestly just sitting here looking at this screen trying to think of something to write about.

Well I could tell you what going on in my life (see photo). That is easy because it is just information and I don't have to reflect on anything.

I'm getting ready to do a canoe trip tomorrow and I'm looking forward to that.

A friend has a pig roast tomorrow night too, should be fun. Yep.

There's a pretty kicking concert in Wheaton tonight with Derek Webb, Sara Groves, Charlie Peacock. If you have the evening free I would suggest that.

If anyone wants to watch some soccer on Sunday I'm playing in Naperville. We would love to have some fans. season is into full swing and my fantasy teams stink, like always.

What else is going on? Thanks for asking. My phone was dead the last two days and I powerwashed a deck.

I'm getting ready for that 5k next Saturday if anyone wants to come and run with me.

Classes are starting up soon. Last year, sweeeeet!

Work at the Ropes Course is still keeping me on my toes. It's a pretty random but fun job.

I have found a new passion for oatmeal with honey.

And that's all I got. Peace

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Anonymous said...

you should try steel cut oatmeal with blueberries and turbinado sugar- it's wonderful!