Monday, April 03, 2006

Back in Edinburgh

Today I was pretty much a zombie because I am once again on night shift. I actually went out of my way to ask for a week on night shift so I can have the entire next week off when my parents come to town. The only problem is getting in a routine. Yesterday evening I arrived back from Dublin in the evening, went to church, and then attempted to stay up late in order to get on a night schedule. It went pretty well but it just leaves for a lot of free time during the day walking around in pj's and waiting to get tired so you can take another nap.

Other than that this past week was awesome. Josh came over and we conquered the United Kingdom in great fashion. We met up in London, chilled there for a couple of days, came up to Edinburgh, and eventually went over to Dublin. We made some great memories from hot dogs and macaroni, sleeping in airports, walking all over creation, playing football in hurricane weather, and just catching up with each other. His flight back was delayed but from what I heard the airline put him up in a Hilton and gave him $ for food, so I don't have too much pity :)

My time here is flying now. Soon my parents will be over to visit and after I am done enjoying their company I am down to 3.5 months left. It is hard to believe that I have been here for so long and yet at the same time my mind is constantly occupied with my future. This week, actually tomorrow and Thursday I have some interviews via the phone for potential scholarships. That means I have to wake up before I go on night shift and answer questions for about 90 minutes! So any prayer would be greatly appreciated.

I don't like to mention too many people by name so I'll just say "congratulations" to a friend of mine who got engaged this past week. That makes me feel old when friends from 15 years are getting married.

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