Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What am I up to

I had a good work weekend. It was nice to get back working with my team but those 3 days in a row really tired me out. Yesterday I was able to relax and Danny and I both had work off so we were able to hang out. On Friday there is a Bethany talent show and we had to go out and track down some costumes. I won't tell you what it is because if I can get some pictures on Friday night it will tell the story much better!

We had house group again last night and we are still going through the book The Pilgrims Progress. It's a good book and if you really sit down to digest the metaphors then a page can take easily an hour to get through.

I'm getting better at swimming! I remember ages ago I wrote about these old ladies passing me when I went to the pool, but I went to the gym yesterday and felt much better about my ability to keep up with the old ladies!

The weather here is really warming up which is definite bonus. It made it so much easier to get up this morning and go out for a run. It's nice that I live so close to the sea and I'm able to run along the waterside. Months ago I would never venture that way because it was so cold.

When Josh was here he was able to figure out how to use our VCR. Danny and I are forever grateful because we were able to tape the Champions League Match last night while at House Group. We came back and made some incredible oven chips and then watch the match.

This morning we went into work to get interviewed by the city's Care commission. They just asked us some questions about the type of work we do and our procedures/standards/practices.

This afternoon we are going to get 9 holes of golf in with J.P. and then we were invited to Lauren's for some food tonight! I can't pass up some free food especially after a short round of golf!

What else is happening...? Well I work the next two days (9-9 of course) then this weekend we are having a bash on Saturday at our flat, on Sunday we are going to this great improv comedy downtown, then worship on Sunday night, and we'll see what Monday brings.

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