Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The joys of technology...

My post yesterday would have been much longer but I lost half of it due to some computer malfunctions. So I should add on to what I posted earlier but I don't have too much in terms of what is going on here in Edinburgh.

Instead I am going to use this space to just aimlessly reflect. I never intended to use this blog as a way to give bits of wisdom. One thing I don't like is when I come across blogs where the author is smugly using 50 dollar words and clever phrases. Sometimes it appears that people are trying so hard to be "deep," or "post-modern" or "relevant" that it can be a real turnoff. So the following musing aren't any attempt to verify truth or how funny I am, it's just what I'm thinking about at 4:04 am!

Some things we could all do without...

The fees charged to go inside Cathedrals. Josh and I didn't bother going into Westminster Abbey or St. Patrick's cathedral because they were charging £5 a head. Just imagine the people who first worshiped in the churches. They would think itabsolutelyy absurd that anyone would have to pay money to enter thebuildingg. Moreover, why should there be a price to pay if visitors want to go into asanctuaryy that was built to glorify God?

Another thing we could do without...

Some reality television shows. I'm sure this show has already hit the States but I just saw itadvertisedd a couple days ago. It is called "Beauty and the Geek." The show is setup where a "geeky" guy has a date with a "beautiful" girl. I'm not sure of the rules and format but somehow it is worthy of being televised. Theecommerciallportrayedd this poor guy asincrediblyy awkward and how he really isn't qualified to be in the presence of all these woman. It made me sick to my stomach. Some producers are sitting in a room deciding that this guy isn't worthy to date these girls. In the first place whatmakess the guy so unqualified? Because he acts different then other people? And secondly what makes these girls so elite? Because they are good looking by some worldly standards? I thoughtaboutt writing to the network but I think this rant will do, I'm sure they'll get back to me after reading my blog :)

Some things we could do with more of in the world...

Michael J Fox, I miss his shows/movies. I was never a big fan ofspinn City, that being said I don't think I ever bothered to watch an episode. However, I love Back to the Future, Teen Wolf, and that show he was in where he was named Alex (see I'm a big fan)

G Rated Movies by Pixar.

Remote control cars and ska music. That is purely childhood memories right there. I loved my remote control cars and ska music needs to make a comeback because I miss it.

Ok, that's enough of nothing. Hope you enjoyed.


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