Friday, April 21, 2006

I'm back

Well the parents are back in America and I'm back in Scotland. We had a great time together and it allowed me to do some things I wouldn't have been able to do by myself. We went up to the Highlands, which was amazing, spent a couple days in London, and saw everything from a Broadway musical (very good) to eating grilled salmon (also very good) and just enjoying quality time together (also very very good!).

Life has been non stop this past month. Josh was over here during the first week and then I was on night shift and then Mom and Dad came over to visit. I realize I have not worked a "normal" day shift at the House in over one month. So tomorrow I am going to get back into a standard work routine.

It looks like May is also going to be pretty busy. Some of my friends and I scored tickets to the Celtic vs. Kilmarnock football match on May 3rd! I can't wait, it is near impossible to get Celtic tickets but we lucked out. Also on May 7th I am going to see the Blues Brothers as part of a late Birthday gift. My flatmate and very good friend moves out at the end of this month. It's a bummer because we are quite close and our flat is getting really empty. After he leaves it will just be myself and the two girls.

But we are going to have a moving out party sometime next week. It's more of a celebration because he was able to get a permanent position working at the House. We still do church and work together so not too much is changing.

I'm sure there is a lot more I could write on but nothing is coming to mind. It will be good to connect with some friends here I haven't seen in awhile. We are planning on some more "poker nights" and "watching football on a big screen via a projector" nights just so we have an excuse to socialize.

That's all from me for now

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