Friday, April 07, 2006

The joys of technology...again!

I wrote another long post, and again it disappeared. So I will try to remember what I wrote but it just won't be the same!

It has been a hard night of night shift. Not only did I not sleep much but the residents have been very unsettled. I can't divulge too much info but I have been too busy feeling like a babysitter.

What's new? Nothing much, I have had a couple of interviews over the phone with seminaries and felt they went well. I've been accepted to Asbury, Northern, and Denver and I am just waiting to hear back about some scholarships and seeking God's will in the decision.

My mind has been on my return to the States. A combination of seeing my brother and the fact that my parents are coming soon is making my return feel close. I have four months until I return and I remember what I felt like 4 months before coming to Scotland, anxious and excited. Also since the family is moving around a bit I'm curious as to how much life will have changed when I return. I suppose that it is to be expected as I embark upon the next step of life.

I realize that every stage in my life has always had a defined timeline. For instance, in school you move from year to another. After high school I went to college for four years. Then I came here for a year of voluntary work. I know seminary will take me 2-3 years. I just wonder what life is like without a timeline since I have always had a schedule to follow! Oh well, I'm in no hurry to grow up :)

That's all folks

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