Sunday, April 09, 2006

My new skill

Well it is the last night of night shift and I bet you are wondering what my new skill is. Prepare yourself but I think I have developed an...Acute sense of smell. Yep, it is my superhero power.

I went out running before my night shift just like a couple times earlier this week. But this run was different! Immediately out of the door I could smell that the grass was cut by our neighbors. Ok, no big deal, but as I jogged through the stairwell I could definitely tell that our other neighbors were having curry for dinner.

Immediately outside I could smell tar, and when I rounded the corner one block later there was a truck laying some tar down. I then passed a girl and I bet if I asked her if she shampooed and conditioned she would have said yes. I could definitely smell some kind of raspberry hair product.

Before I turned that corner I could smell smoke and of course there were a couple of blokes puffing away outside the pub. And of course the worse was when I could smell the puke from the little five year old who let it loose right in front of me on the sidewalk!

What does this amount to? Probably nothing at all but I thought it would be nice to have a funny post about my new superhero power.

Another random note is that we watched "Supersize Me" tonight on night shift and it just reinforced the reasons why I haven't ate a hamburger at any fastfood place for 10+ months.

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