Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Do you believe in Miracles?

I have about 15 minutes here at work and I don't have access to my Bible.  But I remember reading in Hebrews early this week about miracles.  It got me thinking about the lack (or our lack of what we call) miracles.

Al Michael's is famous for his often played quote, "Do you believe in miracles" when the United States hockey team upset the Russian giants during the 1984 Olympics. (I think that's right, I can't quite verify this stuff and lack of internet access makes it difficult!)  Was that a miracle?  An underdog hockey team full of college kids defeating the Goliath of international hockey?  Maybe.

Maybe a miracle is simply a surprise.  Or an anomaly.   Something  unexpected.  Something we didn't predict.  Better yet, something we didn't expect.

Our expectations tend to determine our reactions.  For instance, when somebody gets cancer we expect the worse.  Rarely do we expect healing.  And when healing does occur it is "miraculous!"   It shatters our expectations of what can happen, or what should happen. 

So perhaps miracles would be more prevalent if we re-orient our expectations.  Or better yet, if we don't have any!

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