Monday, February 25, 2008

What is it with winning?

I am in a big losing streak right now.
Both of my soccer teams are on 3 game losing streaks.  I occasionally play on some Sundays and last night we got smoked by a bunch of high schoolers.  (I recognize some of these kids from substitute teaching so maybe they were motivated to get revenge from the test I handed out on Thursday!)  The previous game my team was clearly superior and clearly was playing selfish and clearly got beat.  I also lost the Oscar contest at a friend's house last night.  Although I showed up late (which had me in the hole) I couldn't pick a winner for the life of me until I rattled off 6 in a row. 
In watching the Oscars I noticed there are significant more "losers" than "winners."  One person "wins" something at the expense of others losing.  My team loses at the expense of the other team winning.  In the larger realm one team will win the league and all the other teams will loose. 
Why is it that winning is defined from the perspective on the end? 
It is like the modern view of salvation that says the winners and the losers are separated at the end, when people are divided between heaven and hell. 
Why can't we "win" now?  Why can't people experience salvation how?  Why is salvation only official when in the end we are given an Oscar to hold?
If winning is more than a final result and a prize given than maybe I'm not on a losing streak.  Perhaps I "won" our game last night because I was able to celebrate the gifts and skills God has endowed me with.  Perhaps I was victoriously because I played well with my teammates.  Perhaps I was the conqueror of the Oscar contest because I shared fellowship with friends and enjoyed the joy of laughter and community.
Guess I'm a winner.  :)

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Dan said...

That's a good way to look at it, for sure.

But... you still lost to high schoolers. ;)