Thursday, February 14, 2008

Paper Clip part 2

One of the first things I do when I arrive to sub at school is look for paper clips.  Each class has handouts, tests, or work to turn in and it must be "sectioned off" in the folder.  Heaven forbid, if the 2nd period algebra worksheets get mixed in with the 5th period!
For me a paper clips represent boundaries.  Going out on a limb here...I think spiritual disciplines can be thought of as boundaries.  They keep us in right relationship with God.  They keep us balanced and aligned with God's work. 
Discipline has such a negative connotation, which is unfortunate.  The disciplines of prayer, fasting, fellowship, etc, aren't to be "endured" but rather celebrated. 
For Lent I too decided to take up the practice of prayer.  By not surfing the net, or purusing endless info. I am better able to free my time.  Now this was intially hard because I don't have a set time everyday where I "surf" the net. 
So after the first couple of days I was not very obedient in re-orienting my prayer life.  I found that I wasn't able to naturally subsitute my "surf" time for "prayer" time.  What I have done in response is set aside time for purposeful prayer.  I realize that by actually making an effort to pray it happens! 
Even though I freed up the time before it wasn't happening.  Why?  Cause prayer is hard.  Prayer doesn't happen in removing priorities.  Rather, prayer happens by making it a priority. 

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