Sunday, February 10, 2008

God's words > RSS feed

Jumping off of Mike's thoughts. He wrote:

People live with "mental blinkers" that help them filter their experiences. Because of overload we let a lot of information pass through without noting its significance.

The danger is that we live with a short memory. We let the information hit us and than we discard it. Not because it isn't significant but because we are bombarded with so much information we need to prepare for the next wave.

I know I deal with this on a daily basis. Mike can attest. I'm constantly sending him links of articles to read, sometimes 3 or 4 in a day. I'm constantly sifting through my RSS feed for new valuable thoughts and ideas.

In a sad irony, one of the things I've committed to renewing during Lented season is meditating on the revealed words of God. For all the time I spend sifting through the ideas of men, I am spending nearly no time taking in the words that God would speak into my life. He's spoken, but I'm busy listening to other voices.

But even then, when I am reading God's revealed words, am I sifting through it for good content the way I do online magazines and blog posts? Would I email my friends, saying "read this!" or judge it worthless and move on to another feed?

I must practice reading it differently than I do when I filter through the internet content providers'. I must dwell there in the time and place set apart (made "holy") by the reading of the words God spoke. I must meditate, wandering through his words like a lost man looking around for any sign that will point him in the right direction.

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