Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fred Flinstone....backstabber.

I heard some funny stuff today because I was around my friends and they are funny people. 
This is the conversation.
Guy 1 "Isn't it kinda messed up that Fred Flinstone ate a big rack of meat?  I mean he worked on a Brontosaurus all day and then went home and ate a dinosaur.  How could he betray his co-worker-kind like that?"
Guy 2 "Well look at farmers, they work with cows all day and they eat hamburgers."
Guy 1 "That's not the same.  This is like a cowboy eating his horse."
Maybe you had to be there but I thought it was gold.  I just got a mental picture of the Lone Ranger barbecuing Silver over an open fire!  (If you dont' get that reference it is probably because you are cool.)
If you think Guy 1 is funny check out his blog:

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